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Dr. Lois Frankel
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As her list of Fortune 500 clients attests, Dr. Frankel is a recognized expert across four continents on how to achieve career success. A licensed psychotherapist and former Human Resources professional in a Fortune 10 company, she has delivered results for more than 20 years. From Administrative Assistants to CEO's, her clients have been inspired to go beyond good to great performance.

She now brings her dynamic insights and powerful advice to audiences from 100 to 1000 worldwide in a series of entertaining and educational keynote presentations.

Recently, Dr. Frankel spoke at the Australia Human Resources Institute, please see her presentation here: Stop sabotaging your career! How to avoid the eight most common career killers
Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office:
Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers

Based on the international bestseller of the same name, this humorous and candid look at unconscious things women do because of childhood messages. This program hits home with any woman who wants to better understand how she unknowingly sabotages her best efforts to achieve her full career potential — and what to do about it.

Dr. Lois Frankel - Keynote: Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office
Why Men Are Heard and Women Are Liked:
Capitalizing on Communication Differences in the Workplace

If you’re looking for a keynote where women and men can come together to both learn from and laugh at their unique communication foibles, then this one’s for you. Dr. Frankel teams up with executive coach Tom Henschel to describe and demonstrate the ways in which the sexes misunderstand and misinterpret each other’s messages.

Dr. Lois Frankel - Keynote: Stop Sabotaging Your Career
Brand Yourself for Success:
Strategies for Developing a Competitive Edge

Did you know that you can craft the word on the street by consciously defining your professional brand? Branding is what differentiates you from your colleagues and allows others to see you as a valuable workplace asset. When you brand yourself for success you create a blueprint for achieving your professional goals. This keynote presentation is suitable for groups of men and women or it can be tailored for women’s groups.

Dr. Lois Frankel - Keynote: Career Passages
Stop Sabotaging Your Career:
8 Proven Strategies to Succeed in Spite of Yourself

Drawing from nearly two decades experience with coaching and counseling executives, Dr. Frankel answers the question why some people move forward fluidly through their careers while others seem to stagnate, stall, or derail entirely. Using real-life examples of people who prematurely derailed, such as Martha Stewart, Margaret Thatcher, and Newt Gingrich, the audience can see themselves in the mistakes made by great leaders.

Dr. Lois Frankel - Keynote: See Jane Lead
Nice Girls Just Don't Get It:
7 Strategies To Get The Respect You Deserve And The Success You’ve Earned

Expanding the tried and true tips from the bestselling Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office to all aspects of a woman’s life, Dr. Frankel illuminates the critical strategies and accompanying tactics to go from “nice girl” to “winning woman.

Dr. Lois Frankel - Keynote: Walking the Thin Pink Line: Courageously Conquer the Most Pressing Challenges of Work and Home
See Jane Lead:
99 Ways for Women to Take Charge

Whether you have formal authority for leading a group or organization or want to use your leadership skills to make a difference in your community, you’ll love this new keynote by Dr. Lois Frankel. Based on her new book about women as leaders (published on April 11th, 2007 by Warner Books) she encourages women to take charge, take risks, and lead!

Dr. Lois Frankel - Keynote: Nice Girls Don't Get Rich
Dr. Lois Frankel
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